junger Garra Rufa The doctor fish, Garra Rufa, is a fish belonging to the carp family (Cyprinidae) and can live for 4-6 years. It is found in the river system of the Jordan, Orontes and Euphrates/Tigris as well as in certain coastal rivers in North Syria and southern Turkey.
neugieriger Garra Rufa First and foremost a population from the Kangal region of Turkey became well known, which is why the fish is also called Kangal fish. In its native environment the “Garra Rufa” lives in water conditions that do not permit plant growth. This is the reason for the “sparse” facilities in aquariums. In the absence of hiding places in its natural environment, the nibble fish does not shy away from humans and other creatures. In the wild the fish also feeds on dead skin. Due to the fact that a diet of dead skin belongs to its natural diet, the wellness treatment process does not result in stress for the fish. In addition to “catering for themselves” by nibbling off dead skin, our doctor fish are naturally also given high-quality, natural fish food.
junger Garra Rufa When it comes to size and water content, our aquariums are built to exceed minimum standards. This means that there are not too many fish in tight quarters. On the other hand, the “Garra Rufa” is a schooling fish that enjoys being close to its fellow species. A population of doctor fish lives in warm headstreams with a water temperature of up to 36 °C.

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